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Course Details

StartUp-UNC is a series of courses designed to teach, empower and inspire entrepreneurial teams at UNC to launch commercial businesses and social ventures. Teams may comprise any mix of students, faculty, staff, and alumni at UNC. Courses combine lectures, workshops, guest speakers and hands-on expert coaching and mentoring. If you are a founder without a team, we will have MBA students who might be available to work with you but given the workload we do not encourage working alone.

StartUp-UNC offers four half-semester (mod-length) classes that begin in the fall and run through the academic year. Each course may be taken for 1.5 credit hours (regular tuition applies). Please be advised that the intensity of the StartUp-UNC courses require all students to devote significant time outside of the classroom to their venture and the completion of classroom assignments. Enrollment is by permission of the instructor.

The three StartUp-UNC courses are:

StartUp-UNC - Technology Assessment

Mod I: Monday 5-8pm
Lead Professor: Don Rose (Section 1)
Lead Professor: Jason Doherty (Section 2)
  • Technology Assessment Overview/Technology Presentations
  • Intellectual Property and Patent Landscape
  • Technology Inventory Presentations (Advisors present)
  • Application Discovery
  • Market Research Basics
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Final Presentations

StartUp-UNC - Feasibility

Mod II: Monday 5-8pm
Lead Professor: Scott Maitland (Section 1)
Lead Professor: Don Rose (Section 2) Support Professor: Randy Myer
  • Market Segmentation/Product Application
  • Beachhead Customers and End User Profile
  • Channel Strategy and Choice
  • Competition and Comp Advantage
  • MVP Development/Product Specs/Product Development Plan
  • End User/Channel Feedback
  • Final Presentation

StartUp-UNC - Strategy

Mod III: Monday 5-8pm
Lead Professor: Randy Myer
Support Professors: Scott Albert, Don Rose, Tim Flood

  • Market and Industry Overview (TAM also)
  • Bus Model/Revenue Model/COCA/Pricing
  • Strategic Partnerships/Licenses/Joint Ventures
  • Marketing and Sales Plan
  • Cost Assumptions and Proforma Model
  • Management Team and Boards
  • Final Presentation

StartUp-UNC - Financing

Mod IV: Tuesday 5-8pm
Lead Professor: Scott Albert
Support Professors: Randy Myer, Tim Flood

  • Exit Strategy/Valuation
  • Crowdfunding
  • Grants
  • Angel Investing
  • Venture Capital
  • Legal Issues/Due Diligence Process
  • Final Presentation