Workshop & Networking | Idea Roundtables

2013 Launch Workshop
and Networking Series

All sessions are:
5pm Lecture | 6pm Networking

Launch Kick-Off

Wednesday, Aug. 21 | McColl 2575 | PPT
Introduction to the class to find out if it is a fit for you. Networking with other potential teammates. Open to all UNC students, faculty and staff.

VC 101

Monday, Sept. 9 | Comp. Sci. Brooks FB009 | PPT
Introduction to Venture Capital, what it’s like to be a VC, who should pitch to VCs, etc. (optional session) + Networking Session #2

MBA 101

Monday, Sept. 16 | McColl 3500 | PPT
Introduction to general business concepts: operations, marketing, finance, strategy, etc. (recommended for non-business students) + Networking Session #3

Startup 101

Monday, Sept. 23 | McColl 2575 | PPT
Introduction to pedagogy and vocabulary used in the class. Last networking session.

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Idea Roundtables

Intimate conversations with 5 other IDEA people and professor Patrick Vernon.

Wednesday, Sept. 4, 9 am Caribou (Estes)
Thursday, Sept. 12, 9am Caribou (Estes)
Wednesday, Sept. 18,
4:15pm, McColl 4732

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